Below you will find examples of past and ongoing project-based learning from my classes. In many cases, projects stretch over multiple years with students building upon the work done by previous classes.

The Language of Comics

An annual campus-wide event in which students research and construct a museum-style exhibit about comics. Recent themes have included "The Comics of Alabama," "Comics Around the World," and "The Origins of Comics." In addition to freestanding display walls, past exhibits have included interactive digital exhibits as well as workshops and roundtables with comic artists and writers.

Artful Deceptions

A website devoted to deception and illusionism in American literature and culture. Students promote the site by perpetrating a playful act of deception such as staging the "Montevallo Moon Landing" or the arrival of the mysterious character "Monsieur Mangin" on campus. Check out the screenshots from past sites and promotions in the gallery.

The Conspiracy Narratives Project

An ongoing collaborative blog about the aesthetics and cultural history of conspiracy narratives in the United States. Students choose conspiracy narratives and then utilize close reading methods and historical analysis to understand their enduring appeal and larger cultural implications.